About Wanita Zoghby-Fourie

Wanita Zoghby Fourie

Speaker and Educator

As something of a social media darling, Wanita is impossible to ignore. The founder of the Social Media Conference NZ, she has spoken alongside such luminaries as Annah Stretton, John Kapos, Tweeting Goddess and bigwigs from Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Google.

Originally from South Africa, Wanita is known as The African Kiwi and is a bit of a global butterfly. She travels the globe (well, South Africa, Australia, USA, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, UK & Thailand) to both speak & educate businesses and organisations about digital and social media marketing. As the eternal student, Wanita uses these opportunities to continue her own learning & development in order to bring the latest cutting-edge and practical opportunities to her clients.

‘Three hours with Wanita looking at the foundations of my revised marketing strategy was worth more than 6 months I had spent with an independent business consultant.’ – Dianne Carian

Stability and credibility are two important aspects of the social media and digital marketing industries. Wanita is working towards creating a community of passionate professionals from these industries to work alongside her. A firm believer in the power of social media, she is excited to see more businesses embracing it and enjoying their well-deserved results.

Wanita has been recognised by the World Wide Who’s Who for her dedication to leadership and excellence in learning and development, social media and digital marketing and change facilitation. With a passion for taking the complicated and making it easy to understand using real-world examples, Wanita is a social media Godsend. Her intuition, experience and adaptability enable her to work with a variety of people in different businesses to achieve outcomes. Wanita’s passion lies in strategy, live streaming and maintaining the freshness and vitality of online content.

‘As a speaker, Wanita brings a sense of authenticity to her presentations. This, coupled with a strong knowledge of her social media niche, ensure her audiences become and stay motivated. I can say with confidence she will always be an asset for any talk or presentation she is part of’. Virin Gomber.

She served on the executive board of National Speakers Association New Zealand for 3 years and is a judge for both the Social Media Awards and the Network NZ Business Awards.  She supports her favourite charities, Project Jonah, Barnardos and Sustainable Cambodia. She is also a Rotarian and a Mentor for Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED).

Her programmes are NZTE accredited so that Businesses that qualify can get government funding.

As something of a social media darling, Wanita is impossible to ignore. The founder of the Social Media Conference NZ. Social Media Speaker and Digital Marketing Educator/ Wanitas World/ www.wanitafourie.com

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